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Volunteer Program

Citizens who volunteer their time and talents are valuable assets to the Turner Recreation Commission. We encourage constructive participation of groups and individuals in our volunteer programs, to perform appropriate tasks under the direction, training, and supervision of our Program & Sports Director. Some community volunteers (i.e., advisory committee members) do not work under the direct supervision of staff. However, they work closely with staff to ensure communication and cooperation for specific TRC activities. The Turner Recreation Commission Board of Commissioners believe that community volunteers enrich our program, promote a positive environment, and improve our community relations.

The Mission of the Turner Recreation Commission is to offer exceptional leisure service opportunities that contribute to maximizing our user’s health and wellness while participating with service providers to build economic vitality.

The Vision of the Turner Recreation Commission is to be recognized as the leading provider of high quality recreation programs and facilities, making Turner the best place to live, work, and play.

TRC Volunteer Application

TRC Volunteer Manual